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Michael Swarts "Mippi"


Biloxi, Mississippi




Biloxi, Mississippi


Master's Degree in Science GPA 3.85


Travel, Hockey, Cooking

About me

I am the product of a complex relationship between Strategy and Creativity. To date, neither of them claim me to be their offspring. I strive for individualism, but excel within a collaborative environment. I am a simple man with complex mechanisms, diverse infrastructure, and an integrity scale that does not waiver.

I was once mildly known in the gaming industry for over a decades worth of professional design and innovative ideas. Today, I focus more on broadening my horizons and sinking my teeth into everything my synapses can wrap around. Tangled in a web of humanity and seeking to survive among the beasts. What am I doing with my life?
Easy answer, I am living.

I am searching for a creative oasis, a goal-focused company, and open fields to flourish in.

John Hancock

My Skills

With well over a decades worth of experience, I've aquired a great number of skills related to the multimedia industry. I've tried my best to categorize them into 6 easy-to-digest areas. If your project requires care, creativity, and attention to complete, I am certain my skills, experience, and knowledge will be invaluable assets.
I love a good challenge.

3D/ Video


Code/ Web




Quick Glance Resume

Education & Training

Master's Degree in Video Game Design & Development

Full Sail University

4 Years

February 2002 - March 2006

While working two full time jobs, and having my own freelance career to nurture, I also took on a full course curriculum at Full Sail University for Video Game Design & Development. After completing my degree, I immediately went into the work force. My freelance projects increased in volume as well and as a result, broadened my focus to include other aspects of multimedia. Additionally, I acquired many professional contacts in the gaming industry which paved the way for new partnerships and opportunities.

Continued Training & Education

Via Reworld & Online Resources

10 Years +

2006 - Present Day

The amount of online training and education programs available these days is astounding. For the past eight years, I have consistently used resources, such as Envato, GSG, VCP, Adobe, Lynda, Treehouse, W3Schools, DigitalTutors, CreativeCow, and the like, to steadily flow with the evolution of technology and trends in related fields. As a Multimedia Specialist, I feel keeping up with modern standards is crucial to success. I have developed a niche for juggling the education aspect with work obligations.

Relevant Experience

Video Game Designer & Developer

Sony, Rockstar, Insomniac, Naughty Dog, Aeria, Gamigo, Chang You

10 Years +

2006 - Present Day

My first association with the gaming industry was at the early age of 12 by Sony Entertainment (Playstation), as I started as an outsourced intern consultant for an experimental project simply titled "GAP". After I completed college, I began receiving offers for inhouse development,external development and design work via various gaming companies across the nation, and eventually the world. I have now worked on almost 35 different gaming titles in one way or another, and look forward to the many more ahead.

Multimedia Designer/ Developer

Agroflux Multimedia, CTS Studios, Art Appeal, The Lab NYC, Beau Rivage, Marty Wilson Design Group

10 Years

2007 - Present Day

For a period of roughly ten years, I provided my services and skills to a few small-scaled design studios. My specific job duties for each project we worked together on varied. In some projects I directed, and others I spent chunks of time designing assets, developing functionality, or piecing together multiple ideas to be cohesive and effective content.

Freelance Multimedia Specialist

Beau Rivage, Republic NOLA, Champion CDJR, and Many More

17 Years +

2001 - Present Day

Through education, training, experience, and an unquenched curiosity to learn and create, I have developed a broad list of skills useful in the multimedia industry. With hard work and dedication I have fine tuned that skill-set to be fluid and dynamic. My freelance career has brought me so many opportunities, not only for my career, but also personal dreams. I have been able to travel, experience remarkable events, and even fly the Jackson County Sheriff Department's helicopter for fun, I am so very grateful for the amazing clients I have.

Client Testimonials


I could not realistically list all of the clients or projects I have committed to over the years,
but here is a quick list of a few I believe you may recognize.


Below is a small selection from my portfolio to show variety, technical prowess, & visual asthetics.

Clicking on a thumbnail will open up a small lightbox window with a larger view of the image.

Portfolio 1
2011 Demo Reel - Video

It is a little outdated, but I am currently working on a version for 2013

Portfolio 2
Severance Loop - Video

I created this loopable video simply to use as the background on this page

Portfolio 3
Elektro Loop - Video

Elektro hosts international EDM performances for which I provide brand & asset management

Portfolio 4
Republic Flyer - Print

A prime venue in the heart of NOLA, I often design assets for marketing their events

Portfolio 5
HTK Album - Print

High Top Kicks desired to rebrand their image, starting with this album art

Portfolio 6
Audite Verum - 3D

An experimental project indi film relying mainly on CG, I was hired to direct that aspect

Portfolio 7
Ambassador Limo - Web

This company desired me to rebrand & develop an online presence, including this website

Portfolio 8
Victor - Digital Painting

Concept art for a yet to be released video game called "Broken Dreams"

Portfolio 9
ACP Sting - Video

Astro Clown Productions reached out to have an introduction sting designed for it's film work

Portfolio 10
Water - Video

Personal piece showing transculency and refraction used in OpenGL render environments

Portfolio 11
Hyphee - Photography

I do not personally favor photography, but at times I am requested to do so

Portfolio 12
Sumonia - Concept Art

Another conceptual piece using a classic approach, using simple pencil and paper

Portfolio 13
DPSi - Web

This company needed assistance with their website. Out with the old, in with the new

Portfolio 14
Red Angel - Video

FLE's Mike E.D. was on the verge of releasing his album, and needed a promo video

Portfolio 15
12 Sky - 3D

Aeria Games' most successful title to-date received a huge amount of my design work


Hopefully at this point the need for me to keep "selling myself" to you is unnecessary. So please feel welcome to contact me, and we can discuss your project and how my services can benefit you.
I look forward to hearing and working with you.

Pelican Cay Condominiums
#101 520 Beach Blvd
Biloxi, MS 39530
Phone: 719-647-7493